What to look out for if you need Window Repairs in Kent

If you’re looking for window repairs in Kent and the surrounding area, look no further than Finesse Windows.

We offer a full double glazing repair service as well as conservatory refurbishments and hardware repairs so you can keep your home looking fresh and new, without spending on unnecessary replacement products.

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Replacing Window Handles

If you’ve got a broken window handle, you often don’t need to change your entire window. Window handle repairs are a relatively simple process and it can give you a few extra years’ life from your PVCu windows too.

If there’s nothing broken, but you would like to change the look of your windows, you can talk to us about upgrading handles, hinges and locks.

You can choose a new finish for your handles to upgrade the look of your windows, so that they match in with your new décor or new doors you’ve had installed.

Lock upgrades will help to boost the security benefits of your windows and give you extra peace of mind.

We have access to a full selection of window hardware so that we can easily repair or refurbish your existing windows.

Glazing Repairs in Kent

Do you have a glazed unit that’s cloudy or misty on the inside? If this happens, it usually means that the seal around the glazed unit has failed, leaving gaps where condensation can get in between the two panes of glass.

There’s no need to worry about the expense of repairing the whole window frame, usually we can repair it. It’s a quicker and cheaper way to get rid of cloudy windows so that you can see clearly again.

What we do is replace the glass unit with a brand new one – so no more condensation! You can keep your existing window frames and we can even source decorative and coloured glass to match the existing window.

Kent Conservatory Refurbishment

Do you have an old, inefficient conservatory that turns into a greenhouse in the summer and a freezer in the winter? Does it sit unused for most of the year?

Instead of the expense of a brand-new conservatory, we can do a conservatory refurbishment to transform it into a room you can use all year round.

How? Well, the way to do it is to replace old glazed or polycarbonate conservatory roofs with a new tiled roof.

Our tiled roof conservatory roof system has been engineered to offer you a more energy efficient space. It’s fully insulated to keep a more consistent temperature and avoid draughts and cold spots.

Home Improvement Repairs in Kent

Whether your home needs some TLC with new windows and doors or roofline, or just a few repair jobs to see you through, we’d love to help you.

Finesse installs and repairs windows and doors at properties across Maidstone, Kent, Sittingbourne, Rainham, Gillingham, Faversham, Medway, Chatham and the surrounding areas.

You can book an appointment, call us for an informal chat or request a quote online.